Parent Information

Parent Information

School Times

Arrival Time:  7:50

Dismissal Time: 2:50


Main Telephone Line:  931-924-2136

Fax: 931-924-2104

Arrival Procedures
All students are dropped off at the front entrance of the school. If students arrive before 7:40, they may eat breakfast in the cafeteria. Breakfast is free to all students and begins at 7:00 am. Students will wait in their designated area until dismissed by the teacher on duty to classrooms. The bell rings at 7:50 am. Any students arriving after 7:50 will have to sign in through the office and receive a tardy slip. 
Dismissal Procedure
The bell rings at 2:50 pm. Bikers and bus riders are dismissed first. Car riders are dismissed after buses are loaded. Kindergarten through 4th grade car riders are dismissed in the front of the building. 5th-8th grade car riders are dismissed at the back of the building.  If  you have a children in the lower and upper grades, younger siblings  will come to the back with upper grades. 
If your child is going home with another student or adult, you must send a note or email, otherwise, your child will not be allowed to leave with the person.  If you do not send a note or email, your child must go to the office to have our staff verify permission while the driver pulls around to the front of the building. 

Mrs. Veronica Rogers-Horton

Phone: 931-924-2136


School Safety

Do NOT PASS A BUS at any time even if it does not have its stop sign engaged.  Speeding and use of cell phones are prohibited in a school zone. This is unlawful and may result in a ticket from the school’s SRO.

Please watch for teacher directions in car rider lines.