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Box Tops App
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Tuesday, August 27, 2019


Download the new Box Tops App, register, and select Monteagle Elementary School.

Below is more details about how the app works:

How does the new program work?

At its core, the program structure and purpose remain the same – to help schools get what they need.  The main difference is how you’ll earn – instead of clipping, all Box Tops will be earned digitally via receipt scan. Eventually, the program will become digital only. 

**You’ll now download the new and improved, user-friendly Box Tops app, register and select a school, and then scan an eligible receipt containing Box Tops products.  You’ll earn 10 cents for each Box Tops product purchased plus extra earnings for any Bonus Box Tops opportunities.  The app will automatically add Box Tops to your school’s earnings online, giving visibility to see how you are supporting your school in real-time. 


Can I still send in regular Box Tops clips?

Yes! Keep clipping regular Box Tops and sending them to your schools as long as you continue to find them on packages.  Your school will still get credit for all Box Tops validly submitted by your school’s coordinator.    (Don’t send in the new Box Tops icon used to mark products that are eligible for Box Tops earnings via receipt scan in the new Box Tops App.)

Remember to scan your receipt in the Box Tops App, too: most brand teams are awarding both the receipt scan earnings and the traditional Clip earnings for a single item purchase during this time of transition.

**More good news: you can ‘double dip’ during the packaging transition by clipping the physical Box Tops AND scanning  your receipt with those participating items.

Please note, a few brands are not participating in the ‘double dip’. Receipts with these items will return a message in the App that they are ‘clip only’ with a reminder to submit the physical Box Top from the package to their participating school.


Our family often shops online; how will that work?

Great news! If you shop for groceries online, you can now submit your email receipts from select retailers to earn Box Tops for your school. To ensure that earnings are properly credited to your account:

1. Make sure you have a Box Tops for Education account (you can create one via the Box Tops app or website)
2. Forward your email receipt to using the same email that’s associated with your BTFE account
3. Box Tops will be credited within 10 business days – view your earnings detail in the MY EARNINGS section of the app or website

The following email receipts are currently eligible (as of July 17, 2019):

  • Instacart
  • Shipt
  • Target Pick-Up/Drive-Up
  • Walmart Grocery


For purchases from online retailers not listed above, please follow the process below.

      1. Take a screen shot (or multiple) of your entire receipt from your online purchase, including retailer name, all items, transaction total, and date of purchase


      2. Open the Box Tops Contact Us form


      3. In the Comments field, please include:


    • Your email address
    • Your name
    • Your school’s name
    • The amount of Box Tops earned with the purchases from that receipt

4. At the bottom of the form, use the "Upload Image Files" feature to add the screen shot(s) of your receipt. We will process your receipt from your online purchase and award the cash earned within 2 weeks.

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