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School Counseling
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What is a School Counselor?

A school counselor is an educator who:


·     Advocates for the student at school. 

·     Provides individual and small group counseling

·     Works with teachers and parents to provide helpful suggestions and support for children’s needs.

·     Provides classroom guidance for every class.

·     Helps in identifying academic and social/emotional needs of children.

·     Helps children understand themselves and others.

·     Provides information about community resources that would benefit children.

·     Makes referrals to outsides agencies.

·     Provides parents with resources and information


 How can I refer my child to the Counselor?

References can be made by phone, email, or by written note.


Please remember 

Counseling sessions are confidential, with these exceptions: (1) If a student expresses intent to harm self or others; (2) If there is suspicion of abuse or neglect; or (3) If a court subpoena is issued.

If it is determined that more extensive services are necessary, the responsibility will lie with the parent/guardian to seek outside services. The school will not be liable for these services. Referrals will be discussed with parents/guardians as needed. 


Yearly Schedule:

August:  Back in the Saddle

We are getting back into the swing of things here at MES.  The character trait of the month is tolerance.  Students will be focusing on accepting differences and celebrating common ground.  We are nurturing a sense of belonging and togetherness.

September: You are RESPONSIBLE for you!

This month is all about responsibility.  Students will be learning to take ownership for their behavior and their learning.  During the month of September, students will set a goal for the school year.  We will revisit this goal throughout the year to monitor success.  We will also be hosting our annual "Happiness Sprinkling" event this month.

October:  Everyone deserves RESPECT!

Respect is the word of the month for October.  This is bullying awareness month and drug/alcohol prevention month.  Students will be focusing on respecting themselves and others.  Red ribbon week is always a big deal in October.  We will have dress up days this week.

November:  Hang in there!

Perseverance is the key point for the month of November.  The students will be working on developing a gowth mindset and becoming a life-long learner.  They will be improving there GRIT and practicing the art of sticking with things and not giving up.

December: Cooperation is key!

December is all about cooperation and teamwork.  Students will be completing team building activities and honing those skills needed for effective cooperation. 

January:  Self-Control Challenge

Having control of one's self and actions is definitely a challenge at any age.  Self-control will be the focus for the month of January.  This month will be all about learning to be in charge of our own actions, words, and emotions.

February:  Have a Heart!

Compassion is key.  February is the month of love, so we will be focusing on showing compassion for others. Lower grade students will be exploring their feelings and how to express them appropriately.  Upper grade students will be assigned random acts of kindness to complete.  Look out for random acts of kindness being performed around the school and community.

March:  Honesty is the best policy!

The character trait for March is honesty.  This month is all about being truthful to self and others.  We will also be planning our futures by learning about a variety of jobs and college options available in our area.  This will also be the month of the Career Fair.

April:  Giving back!

Since Earth Day falls in the month of April, it is fitting that this is also the month of citizenship.  Our little volunteers at MES will be searching out ways to make a difference in the world.

May:  Do the right thing!

Integrity is the name of the game.  It can be hard to do the right thing, especially if no one else is doing it.  In May, we will be role playing scenarios that allow the students to show some integrity.